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  • ​Order your firearm from another site and select Asgard Arms as your FFL destination.

  • Firearms must be transferred from an FFL to FFL.

  • If your dealer is in need of our FFL, They must email us a copy of their FFL to in order for us to send them a copy of our FFL.

  • Your dealer must also include a copy of their FFL inside the package along with an invoice with your name, make, model, serial number, your phone number and date of purchase.  Your State issued ID and/or FOID must match the invoice. 

  • Firearms ordered from the Asgard Arms online webstore is NOT considered a transfer and won't incur any transfer fees.


  • Firearm shipments will be processed within the same day receiving them.  We will call and notify you when the package is ready.

  • Customers must come into our location and complete the Federal 4473 form and a state form to initiate the background check.

  • In Illinois, there is a 72 hour mandatory cool down period before you can take possession of your firearm.  That date begins at the time of purchase.

  • Your Federal 4473 must also clear the background check before taking possession.

  • There is a $75 transfer fee for every firearm.

Person to Person Transfers

  • Person to person transfers can also be facilitated at our location.  

  • Seller drops off a firearm for the buyer, buyer proceeds with the Federal 4473 background check and 72 hour mandatory cool down period.

  • Person to person transfer fees are also $75. 

Asgard Arms will not accept the following

  • Firearms that are banned on the IL PICA Regulations (AR's, pistols w/threaded barrels, banned semi-auto shotguns).

  • For a complete listing of banned firearms, visit this link:

  • Melting Point Firearms (i.e. HighPoint, GSG, Heritage, Jennings, Walther P22's).

  • Banned firearms shipped by mistake will be refused and shipped back to the sender at the buyer's expense.

  • Firearms must be shipped from an FFL to an FFL.  Any non-FFL private seller shipments will be refused and sent back at the buyer's expense.

  • Firearms received without FFL paperwork and invoice with contact information may also be refused and shipped back at the buyer's expense.

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